Friday, 25 June 2010

A long awaited post!

I'm sure you will have noticed that I have been absent from The Assistants wear Primark for a the last few weeks! What with summer arriving and an incredibly busty time at work I've barely had a minute to myself!

When I wrote my last post I had just got back from Mauritius. So the week that followed that I spent writing up all the credits of the clothes that we used for the six shoots. This was a mammouth task as we used so many different pieces and all the prices must be correct. Most of the fashion shoots from mauritius have now been published and the look amazing.

The Nautical story was my favourite layout, (pictured below). I love the bright blue sky, and the boat, it was definately worth going all the way to Mauritius for!

The second shoot was boho beach, this looks great in the mag, and it was definately worth all that effort of getting a horse on the beach!!

The Tuesday after we arrived back I had to dress the celebrity chef Anthony Warrell Thompson. Anthony is the celebrity chef for S Magazine, which includes his article and recipes each week. The interiors and food editor was shooting at his house and I had to go along to style Anthony. He was lovely and so friendly.

This week I have been prepping for two shoots that the fashion editor is doing. The first is a 1950's camping style shoot. It is going to be quite glamorous and Prada style. We have hired an airstream which will look really retro in a cornfield. I cant wait to see how it comes out!

The second is an underwear as outerwear/nude story. This is going to be shot in an old style car and will be quite sexy and raunchy, it will be a really exciting shoot for the magazine!

On Monday I was asked to go along to an interiors shoot to dress five children that are being featured in the shoot. I was really nervous as I haven't styled many children before, and there was going to be a lot of important people from the magazine there on the day so I wanted to make sure I did a good job. I took two suitcases of clothes in the end just to be safe! there were four girls and one boy and they had to be dressed in a folklore style. The shoot was based around an old gypsy caravan, (pictured below). The caravan was amazing and looked fantastic in the meadow. I was really pleased with how the pictures came out and hopefully I did a good job!

This week I have also been house hunting. I spent the afternoon with my friend yesterday looking around Clapham for a four bed house. It was very stressful, and some of the houses were not that great, but after a long day we found one we love so we are waiting on a decision of whether or not we can have it! So watch this space I could be living in London very soon!!

Although I shouldn't have been I have made quite a few purchases recently!! My favourite is a blue maxi dress from ASOS. I saw it ages ago but have only just managed to get hold of it! It is perfect for sunny days! (picture to come soon!!) If you don't know what to do this weekend head down to Topshop. I brought some shorts two tops and a dress from this week. They have an amazing sale on right now, all of those purchases came to less than £50, that is what I would normally pay for one dress alone!

This weekend I am off to enjoy the sunshine! We are hopefully going to sort a house out on Saturday, and I am relaxing on Sunday by going to a beer festival in my local town and watching England play in The World Cup!

I promise it wont be so long until my next post this time!

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