Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lindsay's week.

Well my week has been eventful as always. I started off Monday on appointments selecting clothes for a shoot dressing Alan Titchmarsh. This was the first time I have had to do anything like this and it was a tricky one. I felt like I was shopping for my dad, and I discovered men have it so much harder than women when it comes to shopping they hardly have any choice!

I then had a strange experience on the tube this week… I was in a carriage with a group of people promoting the new Glee DVD. They suddenly started singing. No one knew what was going on until they ripped open their shirts to reveal the “glee out on DVD” t-shirts they were wearing! It was strange but such a good marketing technique!

On Friday I was on a shoot assisting my fashion editor. The shoot was 1940’s themed, to come out on VE day. It was shot in an airfield and we had the use of three 1940’s war time planes. It was one of my best shoots so far. Having such amazing props and clothes meant the photos looked so good!

This weekend was nice and sunny so I spent Saturday evening having a cocktail party in my friends garden and then today I went to a bbq and ate way too much. Up early tomorrow for the start of another exciting week…

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