Sunday, 23 May 2010

London in the sun!

The London Underground is one of the worst places to be when the city is as hot as it has been this week. Although, the Express towers are in the perfect spot along the river Thames to help me forget about the hot & smelly commute to and from work and make me appreciate just how beautiful London is drenched in sun shine.

This week I was given my next main fashion photo shoot, which means my first one must have gone down well. This time instead of shooting in a studio, I need to shoot on a beach! Was freaking out inside when my editor told me that he wanted me to do the photo shoot on location, but I'm up for the challenge. The theme of the story will be 'Ice Cream Shades' so I have chosen Brighton and will give it a very traditional British holiday feel. I won't be shooting until the 2nd week of June although I have started organising permits, photographers and hair and make up already. I am really looking forward to seeing all my work come together.

Other than preping main fashion, I shot my 'Must Have' kaftans this week and have started calling in for my next one, which will be Flat Summer Sandals.

Again this week I went along to a few press events. I went to see the A/W 10 collections from Flax PR, House of Fraser and Reiss.
I absolutely loved the Reiss collection, especially the 1971 range which they have expanded for the coming season. When it first launched, 1971 was a small collection mainly made up of denim but for Autumn/Winter they have brought in so much more the sequined 'trophy' jacket and leather paneled T-shirt were my favourite.
These will be mine by the time Autumn hits (well...I'll decided for definite when I find out how much they are)

Apart from the 1971 range, the rest of the collection is, as ever, beautifully designed in great fabrics.

I think the camel cape is great and will be a key piece of every fashionistas wardrobe next season.

Friday night I went to the G-Shock party. Great BBQ and lots of free drinks at the presentation in the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and then onto a slightly odd after party at Cargo.

This weekend all I have done is chill out in the sun with my boyfriend. I actually have fully on bikini tan lines from the good old British sunshine. Although, it will probably be nothing in comparison to Lindsay's tan by next week, as she has jetted off to Mauritius today with her editor to assist on 5 photo shoots. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

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